Check Out Our EDC Las Vegas 2014 Photo Recap

In conjunction with Bud Light Platinum as their official partner this year, EDC Las Vegas sold a staggering 400,000+ tickets during its 2014 festivities this past weekend (now just hold that thought for second). So now just to put things in perspective, a regular pass costs $249, while VIP passes were $499 and in 3-days time, a total of $278 million dollars was injected into Nevada's economy. That's cold hard cash. Now onto the festivities. Things kicked off Friday night, June 20 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where EDM fans made that voyage from all walks of life, for a weekend filled with high-tech light shows and music from just about every big name DJ you can imagine. We had a chance to capture some flicks to share our experience with you guys, check it out above.