‘Bad Rap’ Documentary Highlights Asian-American Rap

Bad Rap is an independent documentary about four Asian-American rappers who dream of success in the mainstream highlighting Los Angeles's Dumfounded, Queens's Awkwafina and Rekstizzy and Fairfax, Virgina's Lyricks. The film is being produced and directed by Salima Koroma and Jaeki Cho who began working together after discovering their mutual love for hip-hop culture and music.

The presence of Asian-American rappers and Asian-Americans in hip-hop have been present for years from pioneers like the Mountain Brothers and Jin. More recently Asian-Americans have even reached a level of pop success with the likes of Far East Movement but the documentary poses various questions most importantly (for me) being is (White) America ready for an Asian American Rap super-star and what does that reveal about both gender and racial politics in America today?

Feel free to check out the Bad Rap documentary trailer and their Indiegogo campaign has eight days left so if so inclined, feel free to donate to the cause here.

By: Davis Huynh / Documentary / June 5, 2014 / 1094 Views
  • Hol Up

    PSY isn't Asian American.

  • Lujxio

    itd be cool if there were an asian yung lean or lil b like rapper

  • Bo Bun


  • Com_Truise

    There probably is somewhere out there.

  • HB

    Throw in Giant Panda and even though not ap, Mighty Crown, and I might consider it

  • fish

    where is TOESTAH? check out toestah - main chick. try and tell me he isnt gold

  • jo

    they should try interview mike shinoda.