Ab-Soul – These Days… (Album Stream)

The year of the Top Dawg commences with the release of Ab-Soul's new solo effort today. His long-awaited follow-up, These Days..., took about two years to complete but as anyone knows, you can never rush greatness. Today, stream the full project in it's entirety before you decide to purchase, and if you do decide to purchase, head on over to iTunes. Check it out and leave thoughts below.

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / June 24, 2014 / 9743 Views
  • T.


  • Dick Shtman

    Real good

  • Jenny

    what is up with all of these fucking religious references in rap album covers? STOPPP

  • IV

    Faith is obviously a big part of Soul's life and upbringing.

  • Rarara

    Rappers these days...

  • superheromusic

    best album of the year till now

  • Brandon Amster

    Really disappointing with this album man too many features not enough preaching on here. Wanted to hear more about the illuminati and annunaki but none of it.

  • Kenny


  • kk

    go to listen to control system then

  • Brandon Amster

    I own that too my friend

  • don rickels

    Been going on since the start of rap.

  • True

    Are you new to rap? This isn't a new trend

  • LouisaMorrisonuda

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  • Sheppardman

    15 Tracks. smh .you know how long Ive waited for this

  • https://www.facebook.com/asabere.akwasi Akwasi Asabere

    You want 30? 15 is plenty.

  • Lydia Renae

    Hip hop is in a really good place right now...Ab's latest proves just that! It's old and brand new at the same time! Good work! Another TDE classic! ✔️

  • Damn

    I feel you bro. I wasn't really expecting any certain sound but I don't like any of the trap beats or songs with crappy artist. It was kinda disappointing but he still got some fire shit tho. I'm guessing this album was more experimental of anything

  • nat

    lol as opposed to what??

  • Brandon Amster

    Completely agree with what you have said, just an average album. Just have fun, feelin us was pretty dope.


    lol u people are all retarded to believe half the shit this guys says lmao