A Conversation With Sleepy Tom of Fool’s Gold + Pillowcast #001 Premiere

Sleepy Tom is Canada’s latest homegrown hotshot putting a unique stamp on modern day dance …

Sleepy Tom is Canada’s latest homegrown hotshot putting a unique stamp on modern day dance music. After making waves with his debut The Currency (and its accompanying music video), remixes for Diplo, Anna Lunoe and Rebecca & Fiona, and a featured set on the Diplo & Friends BBC radio show, he's back with the awesome new Jobless EP, a forward-thinking collection of hybrid club tunes already supported by the likes of A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner, Annie Nightengale and more. We a chance to chat with Sleepy Tom and also premiere his latest "Pillowcast #001" mix which can be streamed below.

Tell us about the concept behind the Jobless EP?

Krusha and I made this tune "Jobless" about a year ago now. We were both really feeling the Jersey Club sound and wanted to make a track blending that sound with more techno/electro elements. After finishing that track, I needed another raw-sounding tune to accompany it. So my good friend Juan Ton and I did this song "Karaoke." Another ravey joint with a weird vocal.
So concept-wise it ended up being "dumb vocals meets warehouse rave vibes."

How did you link up wit Fools Gold and what would you say your role is within the imprint?

I'm their 4th-string mascot. Only kind of joking. Before they'd heard of Sleepy Tom, I had already played the role of Mr. Goldbar at this Fool's Gold boat party/sweat-fest. It was a couple years later that Nick responded to my demo submission saying they wanted to do a record!

Do you have any future projects lined up you can share with us?

I've got a couple new singles that I'm really excited about. They're kind of a cross between my two Fool's Gold EPs. Both should be out this summer!

What's currently playing on your iTunes?

What So Not, Jai Paul, Tame Impala, Oliver, The Strokes, and A-TRAK x CAM'RON (WHATS THAT SHIT Y'ALL BE SAYIN?!)

How much has your music evolved since the release of The Currency?

I think it's evolved a fair bit. I made The Currency two years ago. So technically, I'm much more proficient, which allows my musical background to come through a lot more. I'm also now making a point to have some sort of vocal on every track.

Most memorable moment in your career this far?

Probably doing a mix for Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1 last October. So many of my favourite producers have done that show, so it was an honour for me.

Advice you would give upcoming artists?

If you're a producer, learn to mix your tracks really well. You'll stand out amongst the sea of vengeance-sample-pack-electrohouse...

Final words?
But first...

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