Watch Woodkid Perform “Run Boy Run” in 4D

Taking to the stage of Grand Journal de Canal to perform "Run Boy Run" off his The Golden Age project, Woodkid took live performances to another level by turning the show into a 4 dimensional experience. Generated in 4D using a visual technique that combines motion capture with the performance itself, the four-minute long audio-visual showcase is definitely something out of the ordinary. Watch above and share your thoughts below.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Live / May 14, 2014 / 1799 Views
  • Flo DD

    Saw him live in Brussels 1 year ago, with an live orchestra.
    When I listened to his album 'The Golden Age' I thought the show wouldn't be very spectacular and everybody would just sit on their chair and enjoy. But once he started you could feel the bass of the drums pierce trough your bones and every stood, jumped and danced on their chairs. It was amazing.

    And the light shows and visuals... mindblowing ! Check it on YT !

    This is exactly what you expect of him. He's a true genius. Did some videos for Lana Del Rey and directed Pharrell's show at Coachella.

    True artist.

  • Matt

    Great performance !

    If you enjoyed it, Woodkid's label published the making off of the video at:

    Very interesting ;)