Vic Mensa – XXL Freshmen Freestyle & Profile

XXL continue their series documenting their recent Freshmen list, with Vic Mensa the newest to be featured. The Savemoney architect spits a short freestyle, and engages in a quick exchange with XXL regarding his career. Vic Mensa may very well be the only artist selected as an XXL Freshmen to ever begin his freestyle while "on the phone" and despite the freestyle's brevity the Chicago native is as animated as ever. You can watch the freestyle above, and check out the vignette on Mensa below.

By: Patrick Montes / Behind The Scenes / May 16, 2014 / 3318 Views
  • Le Spleef

    Phone thing was kinda corny but his verse was sick. This dude doing big things for sure

  • Baba Biscuit

    best freestyle so far


  • go

    I like vic, but the freestyle was wack. Dude needs to stop fakin though. He really is mad corny, the way he trys to front like he's hard and all, nah breh. chill

  • miaphi

    his verse wasn't that good. but innanetape is raw, so i'll dismiss it for the one time.

  • K.W.

    this dude comes across like a real douche bag.

  • yeawahtevr

    watch his interview with naurdwaur. he is kinda douchy

  • NiCkPeeTeRS

    listen to the first 25 sec of both videos at the same time, that shit goes


    Fuck yall talking about. Vic is dope, best freestyle so far. and he not a douche yall just dont understand him. tf you mean trying to act hard. he grew up in the chi and was selling drugs until music started popping. he just more positive and not as gay as those other fuck boys like lil durk who dont talk bout shit but murdering there own people

  • skateboard_B.U.

    girls on the pacific saying wes(t) better

  • Go

    you sound stupid. He was selling drugs? First of all, selling drugs don't make you hard. I know niggas who sell drugs who are soft as baby powder. I know whiteboys who sell drugs, and their whiter/softer than cotton balls. Secondly, there's no proof of Vic trappin, so take your pseudoscientific ass somewhere else.


    .... He talks about it all the time...... NIGGA. Only real fans know, so go listen to chief keef or sumchin.