Toronto Raptors Hand Out Drake-Branded Lint Rollers During Playoff Game

You might have noticed Drake lint rolling his pants during Game 2 of the NBA playoff clash between the Raptors and the Nets, was caught on camera vigorously lint rolling his pants. In anticipation of tonight Game 5, the Raptors are handing out 1,200 Drake/OVO-branded lint rollers. As points out, this initiative is sponsored by Bounce -- a Proctor & Gamble company that “has come on board as the official lint roller supplier of the Raptors” -- and was also promoted by team tweets throughout the night using the hashtag "#NoLint."

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / May 1, 2014 / 2136 Views
  • Sarah

    this nigga is obsessive-compulsive

  • KazeemC

    Jermain defoe

  • rup

    I saw this post and wasn't going to say anything but I had to. Really?! Lint Rollers... I like some of drakes music but this dude is as corny as they come. We get it.. U are trying widen the brand of OVO but taking pictures with lint brushes for a NBA team u have no ownership in is corny and lame.

  • muhammadalias

    Ahahahahahaha, can someone lend me a shovel please?

  • humswank

    How is he corny? Because tv's like to over sensationalize anything he does? How is he corny because he's using it to his advantage to make money? and yea, he might not be owner but he's the GLOBAL AMBASSADOR of the team. You sound like one those dudes that's way too salty about Drake being in headlines, but still take the time to keep with up everything he's doing just to talk shit. gtfo

  • Jabjal

    Not gonna lie rup that what it sounds like

  • rup

    How am I salty when i just said i like drakes music. I am a fan of some of his work and I do think he is a good artist but when you see someone does some corny shit just to enhance their brand you should call them out on it. So what your saying is if you make a negative comment now a days about an artist all of sudden your being salty?? Drakes an artist and the moment he puts himself out there he is open to be praised or criticized.. I think the lint brush is corny as fuck and thats my opinion.. Get drakes waffle colored dick out your mouth

  • room

    Drake is a cornball tho.

  • I am who I am

    I agree it's corny, but I think it's good for the audience. As corny as it is, fans would love to lint roll their pants while deron williams shoots a free throw. It's just more for raptors fans to get excited about.