Michael Jackson Returns as Hologram to the Stage at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Despite some legal issues prior to the event, Michael Jackson returned on stage for a tribute performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. In what was called once in a lifetime Michael Jackson experience, the “King of Pop” apppeared in Hologram form on stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, to perform “Slave to the Rhythm” off his posthumous album XSCAPE. You can watch the performance above.

There has been patent dispute over the hologram technology behind it. A federal judge in Las Vegas dismissed injunction to prevent the performance, which plaintiffs Hologram USA and Musion Das Hologram claim violates their intellectual property. Both entities received the patents after purchasing the company that was behind the infamous Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / May 19, 2014 / 11672 Views / Source: Mr World Premiere

    Niggas almost shed a tear. michael is magical. i remember dancing to his videos as a child trying to memorize every move in hopes to be the next chris brown

  • James Moshis

    well fuck :(

  • Kathy Biersack

    Genial! Un grande de la música. Me encanto verlo, aunque sea por un holograma. I love Michael Jackson ♥

  • poop

    that nigga dead

  • Graphics look like he's in Def Jam Fight For New York

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    I feel like if there's one person you don't hologram it's MJ. Not sure how I feel about this.



  • brvhbrvh

    MJ would be wearing HBA, fake

  • T. Alatiyah

    didnt look like Michael

  • Jacko

    This hologram shit aint even paying respects anymore, this is just using a deceased man's image just to make your show more hype.

  • Grady Fuller

    People almost shed a tear because Michael is magical. I remember dancing to his videos as a child, trying to memorize every move in hopes to be the next Michael Jackson.

    ---There, you don't sound like an idiot now.

  • K.W.

    something very strange about this.


    No, I hoped to be the next chris brown. the next person to get famous off of michael jackson's dance moves you dumb fuck.

    -There, you dont sound like an idiot now.

  • damn

    The only reason y I'm fucking this right now is because that song was fire as shit but is this what we doing now...like no...I would have love to see him in person perform then some hologram...also it's not a fucking hologram it's just the next level of blu ray

  • Marco Poloni

    He's definitely lip syncing

  • http://studioneversleeps.com/ Victor Ware

    Posthumous albums, then posthumous performances. Whats next, cloning?

  • Guest

    he was lip synching

  • bjt

    why not?

  • JessieShelleykep321

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  • Colonel_Sanders

    I was hoping the Ghostbusters would arrive and suck that nigga up into one of those Ecto-Containment units.