Michael Jackson – Chicago (Produced by Timbaland)

It was widely known that Michael Jackson recorded a song with Timbaland at some point. While the song never came out while MJ was still alive, the famed producer has been assigned to “contemporizing” the unreleased MJ tracks on the new collection Xscape. We've already heard some portions from this highly-anticipated release, which is due May 13 via Epic. Now, a few days before its official arrival, the long-hidden collaboration has been unveiled and it carries the title "Chicago." Listen below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Pop / May 5, 2014 / 19908 Views
  • cold

    fuck just the greatest fuck fuck this nigga was just so cold.... fuck youll niggas just dont know

  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    Is this a positive or a negative comment? I can't tell..

  • KaiserGaresk

    at the beginning, I was waiting for something like "Mustard on the beat hoe!" hahahaha

  • novasupr

    i'm shocked, i like this alot

  • yeshlo


  • Loren

    Lol why did you curse so much? Was that necessary?

  • steves2kool

    its positive, here i added some punctuation.

    fuck, just the greatest. fuck, fuck, this nigga was just so cold.... fuck. youll niggas just dont know.

  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    Well that clears things up.

  • COLD

    uggh this is like the most amazing shit eveer.... dat boy cold back again... fuck man LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE just the feeling need to change youll lets LOVE MY NIGGGA... FUCK ALL THESE HATING ASS NIGGA MAN, FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT WAR BULLSHIT, LETS GET THIS TANGIBLE VIBRATION SHIT GOIN BRA... UGGGGHHH LLETS'S GO MY NIGGGA... DAMN DUDE LET'S GO ...

  • Lukas Bejcek

    It sounds like weeknd tho omg

  • kanye west



  • kanye west

    very dope.

  • Cassive

    Michael Jackson always had a couple contemporary songs on his album, don't hate, he didn't always make 70s/80s music, with that said, I like the song, it's not too bad, I expected more from Timbaland but it's still a nice track

  • EBTee

    You mean Weeknd sound like MJ.

  • bee

    loren is an ass

  • Abel277

    much better

  • Abel277

    damn ain't no one ever comin close to MJ. Unbelievable talent

  • JCN

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