HYPETRAK Mix: Sapphire Slows – Romantic Acid Night Driving

After collaboraring with great acts like Ta-ku, KAYTRANADA, Stwo, Sebastian Sartor, and more we now have the pleasure to present you our latest HYPETRAK Mix, curated by Tokyo's very own Sapphire Slows. Titled "Romantic Acid Night Driving," the 13-track mix is a somewhat darker affair than our previous mixes, aligning sounds from the likes of Aurora Halal, Cities Aviv, Veiled, and many more. Or to put it in Sapphire's own words.

"I gathered my recent favorite dark electronic tracks. Many of them are today's experimental techno/house from North America, and the others were made in Europe such as UK, France and Italy. When I make a mix, I always pick first one up from my piled up record collection in the room, and try to imagine and create my own story flowing in the mix from the idea. Unfortunately I can't explain all the story here, but please just enjoy driving between the beautiful dark acid tracks."

Sapphire Slows - Romantic Acid Night Driving (Tracklist)

1. Claire - The Line
2. Heterotic - Self-Importance
3. Cities Aviv - (View 180): Picture Me Gone
4. Danton Eeprom - Fem Dom
5. Death Comet Crew - Me, Czar Of The Magyars (Feat. Rapscallion)
6. Veiled - Masmorra
7. Rrose - Secretion
8. Aurora Halal - Hazy G
9. Femminielli Noir - Dorogadito
10. Patricia - Waiting For Alexis
11. Hieroglyphic Being - The Electronic Belt
12. Golden Teacher - Ceder Eels
13. Ike Yard - Half A God (Recombinant Remix)
14. Marie Davidson - Abduction

The artwork comes courtesy of MEG SATO. Special Thanks to Shurland Ayers and Vikn.