Has Adele Teased Her New Album on Twitter?

Chances are that we might see a new album by Adele this year. The British songstress took to Twitter to send out a relatively cryptic message to the world which can be easily interpreted that there's a new full-length album is on the way. Posting a photo of hersel, Adele wrote, "Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x," "Bye bye 25" refers to the singer's 26th birthday on Monday (May 5). As Billboard points out, her first album, 19, was written and released when she was 19 years old in January 2008, while its GRAMMY-awarded follow-up, 21, captures her life as a 21-year-old, and was released a few months after she turned 22, in January 2011. Time will tell if Adele will be revisiting the age of 25 "later in the year," in the shape of a new album. Stay tuned.