Eminem – Headlights (Directed by Spike Lee)

Coinciding with today's Mother's Day, Eminem serves his latest video "Headlights" directed by Spike Lee after teasing it earlier this week. Em invites us back to Detroit’s 8 Mile and finds himself on a trip memory lane of his early life through the eyes of his mother Debbie Mathers. Off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the clip features cameo appearance by Nate Ruess. Watch it above.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Music Videos / May 11, 2014 / 4057 Views
  • maikel

    Eminem is a genius. Spike Lee, not so much.

  • JT

    fuck me what is this shit? generic eminem as a kid pictures used in an official video? puuuke.

  • fuckyoudebbie

    I've always wondered about the lyrics when he says they drove their separate ways, how did he look back and see her headlights as he says in the last verse? headlights are at the front of the car... damn rappers with all their sense

  • bruh.... shut up.

  • Two movies for you "Do The Right Thing" and "The 25th Hour".

  • kanye west

    malcom x

  • maikel

    that's my point, this videos doesnt do him justice. if it wasn't mentioned that this video was directed by Spike you wouldnt know..

  • queezie

    she's driving backwards...

  • fgewgt


  • http://pinnaspot.blogspot.com LoveSwazi

    has em lost it?