Check Out The ‘Started From The Bottom’ Website All About Drake

Drake says he "Started From The Bottom," but if you've ever wondered how he got  "here," a brand new Drake-themed website has launched and it's dedicated to answering that exact question. The URL,, is a poke at his song of the same name, and the website's content itself offers a look at everything from his childhood in Toronto (when he was better known as Aubrey Graham) to the recent announcement of his hosting of the ESPYs.

This isn't the first time we've seen a Drake themed website, as a DrakeWeather site was launched back in January, but this platform takes a look at milestones in Drake's career and social life, and sheds light on some lesser known facts such as his experiences playing Hockey and where the nickname "Drizzy" actually comes from.

To trace how Drake "Started From The Bottom" to get here, check out the website for yourself.

By: Zahra Jamshed / News / May 13, 2014 / 3515 Views
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  • nutmeg

    wtf is this a kind of high school project or something

  • Someone

    Why are you hating nutmeg? It's a fun project that details interesting facts about Drake and OVO.

  • statsboogie

    fine project, but you should have to scroll up instead

  • Pilot Interactive

    @statsboogie:disqus Actually a *lot* of people made that same recommendation. We started building it that way but the interaction was a bit too weird for some users. Instead we made the timeline menu button scroll from the bottom up. It's a fair compromise. User experience is always the most important aspect of anything we create.

    @nutmeg: Not exactly. We actually really enjoy making fun microsites and we had a blast making this one. So far a lot of people have enjoyed our effort and that makes us happy. =)

  • Com_Truise

    Cool site, for sure. UX first!

  • ok

    lol at that drake vs littles thread

  • K.W.