A$AP Rocky & #BEEN #TRILL Sued by Woman Injured at Chicago Show

Legal trouble in A$AP land. As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, A$AP Rocky has been named in a lawsuit by a woman who was injured at his 2012 concert at Chicago's House of Blues. 21-year-old Tia Butts claims an artist jumped off the stage during the show and landed directly on her. She reportedly was unsure of which performer jumped on her. Rocky's show was opened by Been Trill. Accordingly, Butts is suing everyone that was involved in the show that night -- House of Blues, Rakim Mayers (Rocky), RSVP Gallery, LLC, Live Nation Worldwide, Ticketmaster Entertainment, and Been Trill -- for $50,000.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / May 8, 2014 / 4150 Views / Source: Pitchfork
  • http://www.sunnygabe.com GabeNiles YDS Sunny&Gabe

    Ayyye! Get that paper Ms. Butt

  • Eli Grand


  • Eli Grand

    who attends a show, then sues the person she paid to see? money hungry imo

  • Marcus

    "Fuck. I don't remember who's landed on me... Fuck it! I'm suing all y'all! Even the motherfuckers in the bar."

  • TMCCoast

    Lol why yous supporting thots man? :P

  • Opportunist

    easy money

  • diver

    stage dives saves lives

  • chiraqqq


  • Villa

    flacko jumped off stage at irving plaza show back in the day, kick my homeboy in the face broke his glasses. it was wavy he didnt' mind, i think he even got more turnt.

  • K E R M I T

    I've said it so many times before...there are people who really don't belong in the front row.

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    Happens every concert. Thirsty hoes push and shove to get to the front then bitch when people be moshing and get rowdy and stage dives take place, like thot, take a seat before I falcon punch your ass out the venue.

  • dude

    LOL she wont get any money if she cant remember who jumped on her...

  • cunt

    Word same thing at the coachella show my glasses straight snapped when atl twins jumped off stage at the rocky show. Ain't no thang tho.