• #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    Opening my own store was just the logical next step. We started the brand and it was doing really well in the malls, but we wanted to have our own spot. So we opened the flagship location on Melrose.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    It's interior design is Egyptian with a touch Ancient Rome. Our whole vibe is about "Kingin" so I like to take pieces of inspiration from different eras and kingdoms past. We have the pharaohs and the hieroglyphics, but we also have the ceilings done like the sistine chapel, and gold everywhere. we want people to feel transported when they step in there.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    I'm there all the time. I go by a few times a week to check on everything. I'm real involved, it's not just a vanity thing for me.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    I don't know if I draw much musical inspriration from art, but definitely when it comes to videos or design, I do. It's pretty simple -I just like to look at interesting or beautiful things. And to see paintings by greats like Picasso or Basquiat is definitely inspiring to your soul in general.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    It's hard to pick one artist as your favorite. But I have pieces from the older greats like Picasso and miro, but then I also fuck with modern stuff like Banksy or Brainwash. Art is based on personal taste - so it's really whatever looks cool to me. I definitely want to learn more and build upon my collection though.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    Man, they have some heavy hitters here... Warhol, Keith Herring, Picasso, Basquiat, Famien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein, you name it. Then they have new stars like Kaws or Murakami. And a lot of West Coast love with guys like Retna, Brainwash, Alec Monopoly. It's like the Coachella of art galleries!
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    It's not often that I have much free time to go chill and do normal things. But I do try to sneak out once in a while to absorb some new creative energy. I try to go to galleries or museums whenever I can, even on tour.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    It's just legendary. They keep it simple and do it right.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    This place is always great. they make you feel like youre at your grandma's house.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    My favorite meal is the Obama special. It's the traditional three-piece chicken and big waffle. You gotta go classic.
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  • #AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga
    It's been around so long and it's like a melting pot. You got homies from the hood eating along side celebs and politicians. Good food brings everyone together.
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#AROUNDTOWN featuring Tyga

Today we launch our new photo series #AROUNDTOWN which takes us to some of the artist's favorite spots in their respective hometowns. The first installment features Tyga who is currently busy prepping his new album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, due later this year and executive produced by Kanye West.

The Young Money representative invited us on a trip through the Melrose District and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. First stop was his own Last Kings flagship store that opened in February. It has been reported that the bill to decorate the interior of his store was around $120,000. Just a brief look inside the store justifies the amount of money spent as it features an "Egyptian-made tomb" recreating Michelangelo's frescos from the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling. "Inspired by a love of Egyptian culture and the belief that we can all be Kings," the store also features Egyptian imported items, including a digital checkout system, and exclusive new pieces from his clothing brand of course. Next on the list is the Guy Hepner Gallery just a few blocks away. A place for Tyga to "absorb creative energy," the "Coachella of Art Galleries" hosts contemporary art dealers specialized in Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst as well as KAWS, Murakami and West Coast-based artists such as Retna, Brainwash and Alec Monopoly. Wrapping things up, we hit up a true "Los Angeles staple," Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood. According to T-RAWW, the service and food "makes you feel like you're at your grandma's house." Click through the gallery above.


Last Kings Store
Address: 7829 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90046 (Google Maps)

Guy Hepner
300 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90048 (Google Maps)

Roscoe's Chicken Waffle
8284 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, California 90046-6821 (Google Maps)


By: Petar Kujundzic / Around Town / May 7, 2014 / 11180 Views / Photographer: Marat Shaya/HYPETRAK
  • maikel

    thanks now i know how to avoid his store.

  • http://www.urbanstorm.fr/ Urban Storm

    Nice pictures !

  • http://pinnaspot.blogspot.com LoveSwazi

    Salute T-Raww. The store is beautiful

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    can't front on the design of the store but the brand itself for me is meh. also Roscoe's chicken ain't even all that great if you ask me

  • 10StepsAhead

    nobody asked u

  • 300

    otf lil durk

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    haha, i knew someone would bite on that line.


    Get.... The .....Fuck Out!!!!! #T-NAWWW

  • Damian trilLillard

    Inspired by Egyptian culture but has frescos of The Sistine Chapel? This nigga must have skipped out on history class.

  • ZartansVengeance

    The interior build out looks amazing, but the exterior looks like it should be on Santee Alley. Also, anyone who mentions brainwash and art has to be joking right? How can you even put him in the same sentence as Retina? Gotta do homework before you spit knowledge.


    read the photo caption.... -.-

  • ZEVS

    shit guys are yall too uninformed, this is legit shit, look at the names, this guy is promoting and pushing big money on art, ANDY WARHOL, KAWS, RETNA, this guy is promoting history, the Sistine Chapel, look at that awesome interior design, I would want to end up in that store to see that shit with my own eyes, what fucking awesome stores have you seen themed full-out like that?

  • The TRUTH

    "...this is legit shit, look at the names, this guy is promoting and pushing big money on art..." where in this poorly written article did you read that Tyga or his start-up brand are putting money into Los Angeles art?!? Anybody involved in street art around Melrose probably laughs at this story and makes no real connections between the Guy Hepner Gallery and 'Last Kings'. Considering PETAR KUJUNDZIC didn't do any research on the artists he was name dropping, I would say this is a desperate and misinformed attempt by Tyga's PR circus to legitimize him in LA. If you follow Retna on Instagram you would know from his post this morning he does not endorse Tyga/Kanye and their poor attempts at music or fashion.

  • The TRUTH

    I hope Retna follows through with his promise to Tyga, "IM A DO WALL JUST TO CLOWN U PUNK"