Action Bronson – ‘F*ck, That’s Delicious’ (Episode 1)

After providing a preview early last week, the first episode of Action Bronson's new Munchies-assisted food show is now here. Things begin at Roberta's in Brooklyn where Bronson reflects on recent travels to places like South Africa and Australia while on tour with Eminem over a plate of pasta. When it comes time for dessert, Bronson takes the camera crew over to Flushing to hit Eddie's Sweet Shop. There, Action starts off with a chocolate and vanilla malt shake, and talks about how amazed he was when he first discovered the place as a kid. After following up with a banana split, Bronson explains how happy he is to be back in his hometown while happily greeting excited fans looking to take a picture with him. Watch the clip above, and be on the lookout for episode two.

By: Eric Montanez / Behind The Scenes / May 6, 2014 / 2859 Views
  • Jamal

    You can say a lot about Bronson, but he's definitely living life. Eating good everyday, traveling across the globe with his team and just doing whatever the fuck he wants. Meanwhile a young nigga is starving at the crib, eating ramen noodles. SMH

  • kk

    Gotta give it up for this dude, really just living life the best he can, always feel positive hearing the dude talk.

  • HB

    I have alot of time for this nigga. Rap's Guy Fieri

  • emma852

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