Wu-Tang Clan Receive $5 Million Offer For Their New Album

It appears that Wu-Tang Clan's very special double-album, The Wu - Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, has already received big-money offers -- one of them being as high as $5 million, Billboard reports.

Offers came in at $2 million, somebody offered $5 million yesterday. So far, $5 million is the biggest number. I don’t know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we’re doing is being understood by some. And there are some good peers of mine also, who are very high-ranking in the film business and the music business, sending me a lot of good will. It’s been real positive.

As Forbes points, the Wu plan to “tour” their album via gigs museums, galleries and festivals across the world before putting it on sale -- although dates have yet to be announced.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / April 3, 2014 / 3604 Views
  • Jono

    itll be crazy awesome if it never leaks or only like a 92kbps edit comes out

  • senshi

    they should release it on cassette tape only.

  • Claire Hart


  • HAHA

    Lebron James is going to buy the album and freestyle over all the tracks.

  • Zeyuq

    More Like Vinyl.

  • maikel

    5 mil for any album ain't worth it even if you got the money, but they makin bank tho so good for them

  • Someone

    What about just selling a extra double-Vinyl with useless specials for a ridiculous prize... ehm, lets say 50$... I'D BUY IT! DAMN I WANT IT

  • lilbidness

    don't mean shit if it ain't hot... Lotta old heads releasing new shit nowadays that's bootsy and not like Collins

  • HarshReality

    And then McDonald's will start a record label and feature Justin Bieber and Drake giving each other rimjobs.

  • lord quas

    We are living here the begining of sad music area, i bet this will common in next few years, and for me it's sad cuz it's kinda selfish; Music is for the people. It would more crazy if they just hide this album somewhere in the world like a relic ! You know, sholin spirit of the wu tang !