Tyler, the Creator – Cowboy (Original Version)

With his album Wolf releasing a year ago today, Tyler the Creator has taken to the internet and shared the original version of his single "Cowboy." Taking to his Golf Wang Tumblr, the Odd Future frontman shared the unreleased track, which is slowed down a bit from the version that eventually ended up on the album. One of the most noticeable changes made from the original to the final version is Tyler's choice to use more of his natural voice instead of the deeper vocals that you'll hear down below. Check it out and let us know which you prefer.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / April 4, 2014 / 7737 Views
  • http://kuroi-ko.tumblr.com/ dougieman98

    they shoulda left it in

  • guy

    slowed down = deeper vocals. thats how noise works.

  • dude

    Not necessarily , you can pitch down a voice without changing the tempo of it

  • lenny h

    for once, the album version was better

  • Suburban Nigger

    i actually like this version better...

  • person


  • sherry762

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  • alfie j


  • FagSwag

    I like the end °0°
    Drums getting louder and quiter though... O.o


    What if the pitch in the voice could be the camp administrator like a swap in the storyline…

  • Jake Cruz

    This would have got better on the album as whole I feel

  • Rick


  • randomblackdude

    actually this version is NOT slowed down. Tyler just changed the key