SZA – Sweet November/Julia

TDE's resident songstress SZA will be dropping her anticipated debut record Z on April 8, but fans who have chosen to pre-order the album through iTunes have been given a free download of two new tracks. "Sweet November" and "Julia" are two completely opposite yet smoothly delivered compositions that spotlight the young singer's versatility. On the former, SZA goes down a more traditional soul and R&B path, while the latter showcases a dancefloor-oriented pop side that's reminiscent of old New Wave.

By: Patrick Montes / Pop / April 3, 2014 / 3629 Views
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  • Nate Dillard

    "In TDE We Trust...she has an amazing voice, cant wait for her new album to drop!"

  • Medsharif25

    looking forward to this album

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    Motherfucker, who are you quoting?

  • Natalie Beaulieu

    so excited for this girl and her future.

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

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  • niknak maxam

    I pre ordered my copy!!!

  • sherry762

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