Sign The Petition To Make The “Busta Rhymes Island” A Reality

Kevin O'Brien is a hip-hop enthusiast who traces his passion for music back to the moment he picked up his first ever record: "Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check)" by Busta Rhymes. Now, in honor of the New York artist and the long-lasting musical influence he's had on O'Brien, the Massachusetts local is looking to name his 40-by-40 foot island in Shrewsbury, MA after Busta - but he needs some help to make it the real deal.

So far, the island has been referred to as "Busta Rhymes Island" in an informal sense, as in order for "Busta Rhymes Island" to be recognized by the government, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names claims that the person the island is in honor of must have been dead for at least five years. In other words, if Busta's still alive, the island can't be dedicated to him. Luckily for O'Brien, a loophole in the system states that if the island is commonly referred to "Busta Rhymes Island" then that previous rule is waived, so now a petition has surfaced in hopes of gaining support.

There's 95 signatures so far, so if you're keen to help O'Brien out, head here.