Pharrell – Marilyn Monroe

Not much needs to be said here. With Pharrell's presence in full form, Mr Williams has accordingly shared the visuals for his newest G I R L single "Marilyn Monroe." Opening the video atop a magenta hued mountain, the clip captures Pharrell admist a slumber. He then proceeds to make his way through various scenes of dance routines only to later find himself back in his dreamworld fantasy, you'll also be able to catch a cameo appearance by Kelly Osbourne." "Marilyn Monroe" can be found on his second studio album G I R L, which is in stores now or can be purchased via iTunes.

By: Selina Tan / Music Videos / April 23, 2014 / 8099 Views
  • kingleeroi

    red white and blue room was awesome

  • stillnoteatingadic$

    real fly.

  • Onuora Amobi

    He needs to ditch the damn hat!


    The hat was pretty much the entire marketing plan (along with "Happy") for this album.

  • hahayes

    love the visuals, absolutely great

  • lord quas

    pharrell always keep hats long time then pass to an other one he's a fetish dude

  • maikel

    who directed this?

  • maikel

    Pharrell's "Happy" Video Looks Very Similar To This Video:

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    pharrell always does catchyness so well, always such a timeless feel to me

  • Lucas Ross

    Not sure if the hat is some type of weird marketing scheme, but it looks terrible.

  • kanye west

    one of the better songs of the album. i slept on that bass slide.

  • Lord_FAFA


  • Courtney Hall

    mad illuminati signs in this video ! hypetrak needs to post this !


    You look terrible

  • Lucas Ross

    Your mom looks terrible in the morning.