Michael Jackson – Xscape

The wait for a new Michael Jackson track can stop now. The title track and single for Michael Jackson's upcoming L.A. Reid/Timbaland curated album Xscape has been released, and it's refreshing to hear M.J.'s irreplaceable vocals half a decade after his passing. The track is produced by Rodney Jerkins, and actually sounds like something that Jackson very well could have wanted to make. The mechanical, hard-hitting funk of "Xscape" wouldn't have felt out of place on the radio a decade or two ago, nor would it feel like an outlier if it were to become an FM hit in today's pop landscape. Xscape is set for a May 13 release date.

By: Patrick Montes / Pop / April 9, 2014 / 7622 Views
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  • 2-K

    Long Live The KING

  • brian

    i appreciate this for the fact that it's a fully fleshed out new michael jackson song. 4 and a half minutes long and an actual bridge and a break down in the middle which you just don't find in todays pop. a fine addition to his catalog (probably because it doesn't do much to fuck it up, which i kinda was expecting a song called "xscape" to do)

  • MJfan

    Its an old track from invincible....not new by any means

  • http://twitter.com/chrissanders ChrisSanders

    that 90's snare hittin tho!

  • trigga

    this song was never released… it is new.

  • Neo Veloci

    Any MJ fan knows this song. The production has changed a little, but the song has been out for years.

  • Guril

    true dat

  • Annie

    The old version of Xscape is so much better. More "Michaelic"