Michael Jackson – XSCAPE (Tracklist)

A few days ago, we got a look at Michael Jackson's posthumous album, Xscape, with the release of the project's title track. Today, we have a closer look at what's to come with the album's official tracklist reveal. Set to release May 13, the album features eight tracks in total, and includes finishing production from the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Stargate. Check out the album list below.

Michael Jackson - Xscape:
1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Lovin’ You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave To The Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7. Blue Gangsta
8. Xscape

By: Zahra Jamshed / News / April 14, 2014 / 8593 Views
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  • Wow

    Do You Know Where Your Children Are. Please...... Please no......

  • Wow


  • Charlamagne 50 Shades of Blaq

    can niggas just leave Michael alone. jesus what a bunch of fucking vultures

  • guril

    Fuck that, 1 4 5 7 and 8 have been been available on the Internet for years

  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    I can't wait to be disappointed!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    they only had 8 songs of material that seems odd. Also people saying majority of these are old. maybe they revisited the songs?

  • TheMightyCesar

    Blue Gangsta? fuck outta here

  • wherethecashat

    5. Slave To The Rhythm feat. Justin Bieber --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6V3C2jJ04s

  • Charley

    That record was recorded in 1991 & it leaked in 2010..supposedly Jay Z did a verse.
    'Love Never Felt So Good': 1983 & 2006
    'Chicago': 1999 / Never released
    'A Place With No Name': 1998 & Leaked right when he "passed" in 09 >_<.. full version came out last year.
    'Slave To The Rhythm': 1998 & 2010
    'Blue Gangsta': leaked around the same time as 'A Place With No Name'
    'Xscape': I had this song since 2002

    It's just remixes, set to make profit off his legacy..Which sucks. "immortalized" right?

  • Ryan

    This can't be right......the itunes deluxe has 17 songs............