Macklemore Gets His Own Signature Jordan Shoe

A couple days ago in Brooklyn's Barclay's Center took place the 2014 Jordan Brand Classic that hosted a basketball game showcasing some of the nation's top prospects. Performances also took place with Teyana Taylor and Macklemore who hit the stage with a pair of Jordans that turned out to be his own signature pair. More details on the "Northwest King Salmon" Melo's were announced on Macklemore's Instagram with a caption that read:

“I’m proud to announce the unveiling of my “Northwest King Salmon” Melo’s. Courtesy of @jumpman23 and myself. Never dreamed I’d have an opportunity like this. Huge shout out to @pdxreg and the whole fam.#sharkfacegang”

It is worth pointing out that the Northwest King Salmon color is a nod to the fishing culture in Macklemore's native Seattle.

By: Staff / News / April 21, 2014 / 28956 Views
  • Marcus

    In before niggas gonna hate.

  • Peezy

    Inspired by his own skin after a day of tanning.

  • isaac


  • jose betancur

    Peptobismol now has its own Jordan Shoe.

  • maikel

    But shit, it was 99 cents

  • Bobby Adamson

    Log into wordpress. Click posts. Find "Macklemore gets his own signature jordan shoe" and change the title to "Macklemore got a salmon Melo." Click update.

  • Casper

    The worst

  • deadHYPE



    Drake, Macklemore, who is next? Probably justin bieber

  • Jake BruceWayne’Mindstate Pric

    I was jus laughin at a scene on inside Amy Schumer that ended with the macklemore "ha never in million.." then I see this Shit

  • TheBizness

    Salmon, thats a tough fish

  • WIll

    There's a difference between having your own colorway and having a signature shoe.

  • JT

    trim looks like a bunch of fannies sandwiched together

  • Ctick

    I call that getting swindled and pimped (shit)
    I call that getting tricked by a business

  • geeked

    Ironic cause of his song "Wings"

  • TopBananas

    look like used bubble gum

  • WNBA Shoe
  • heyFyou

    ish looks like it was made out of a vagina. this the ugliest shoe i've ever seen

  • Balsdeep Bhatman

    Looks like vaginas for your feet.

  • Joseph

    i would say it's pink, just like macklemore's pussy, but it's "Northwest King Salmon" just like macklemore's pussy.

  • kanye west

    the shoe is trash just like him, so actually its perfect.

  • skateboard_B.U.

    Jordan loves white people

  • HarshReality

    Yeah the heel sole looks like a stack of snatches.

  • muhammadalias

    That's a Melo X anyways.

  • kendrick

    well deserved. he's the best rapper out there right now.

  • mezo


  • dr dre

    macklemore is a faggot

  • SuckANiggaDickFo2015

    I've seen shoes at Wal Mart that look better than those.