Iggy Azalea x Keyshia Cole – I’m Coming Out

Set to appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film The Other WomanKeyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea take a stab at reimagining Diana Ross' single "I'm Coming Out." The two ladies speak on moving on from their non-deserving men, and in doing so they deliver an updated version of a classic. The Other Woman opens in theatres on April 25, and stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, and is also the acting debut for Nicki Minaj - you can head here to preview her role in the upcoming film. Check out the track down below and enjoy.

By: Richard Brooks / Pop / April 3, 2014 / 3051 Views / Source: Funkmaster Flex
  • kanye west

    Iggy Azalea should not be rapping, she's really really bad at it.

  • Zeyuq

    well your latest shit isn't too great either.

  • kanye west

    i aint talking about her old shit her new shit. some people have that skill set (rapping/mc'ing) and some people don't. she falls into the latter.

  • Hugo

    that ass tough

  • Nas

    Iggy is so underrated, I enjoy most of her material (recent or not) including this verse - she killed it!

  • kanye west