Jay Electronica Calls Out Fake Thugs, Radio Stations and Law Enforcement on Twitter

Jay Electronica is certainly no stranger to voicing his opinion and loudly letting it be known, and now he's followed up the superb stream of music he's been releasing recently with a tweeted skewering of "so-called thugs," police, label executives, radio programmers, and more. The New Orleans artist also tweeted two videos that drew his ire in particular. One is of a New Orleans police officer storming someone's house to forcefully arrest and pin his friend down, presumably without notice or explanation. The other is a graphic video of a man seemingly bleeding to death in the street after being shot, as a group of police simply watch with guns still drawn on the individual. Below is the full set of tweets sent out by Electronica.











By: Patrick Montes / News / April 4, 2014 / 3634 Views

    It's a New World Order...

  • Coco

    humans are stupid...

  • Houston Roush


  • Use a ton of kush

    he doesn't give a fuck about making a "career"...poser

  • Ottotheowl

    Ayeeeee I see Jay Electronica is trying to get a lil active this year! I like it!

  • Rup

    If you watched the second youtube video Jay Electronica posted, towards the end of the video one of the civilians kept repeating your career is over to the cop. I believe thats what houston roush was referring to. I really liked that Jay Electronica is speaking up against some of the bs thats going on in our society. We live in such a shallow world that we crave what celebrities have while celebrities look down on us. I just hope we as a society can look within ourselves and figure out what makes us happy instead of living out our dreams within someone else's success.

  • Aye, man.

    True Words. Jay says the thruth and that's what everbody has to do today. We're living in a world of lies. Take a moment to think about this.

  • Electronigga

    Watch Jay getting resuscitated and raps afterwards - ALL ON STAGE °O°
    All in this Vid, he posted (around 1:10) http://vimeo.com/21091889

  • Black

    I've been saying it for the longest. The biggest gang is the police. the people who act in the form of gang violence the most? the police. The victims? The people. Jay said it right, if you gonna point that gun, it should never be at your brother over petty shit or less, these police are doing that enough for you. We all have a common enemy, and maybe when we all realize that, we'll be able to make a change for the better.

  • Valentine416

    I was expecting some self righteous bullshit, but there was not ONE fuckin lie. Anyone that doesn't understand this is a lost cause.

  • Deacon Burns


  • General Maccarthur


  • brohan

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • !


  • .

    jay electronica puts fuel to the fire of the human conscience

  • madebytev


  • B€

    who is in position to call other people 'self-righteous' though?

    I hate when I see that term thrown around (by whom I wonder?) most people are in no position to even determine what righteousness actually is....

    so calling other people 'self-righteous' (who actually are righteous if you even have a conception or standard of what that is) shouldn't be in most peoples vocabulary...

    big ups to Jay ELECT.....777

  • Grievous

    Especially the pretenders part, bunch of fuckniggas all hollow, purely superficial, no substance, clinging to a false identity to appear "hard". Reinforced by TRAP music saying the same shit.. talk talk talk yap yap yap but no real action, blowfish motherfuckers.

  • DemonSamaJr