HYPETRAK TV: Vince Staples – Life Chronicles

The rise of Vince Staples within the hip-hop world is not a coincidence. For the past few years, the California native has been on a grind that saw its first highlight in his excellent 2011 mixtape Shyne Coldchain. Closely linked with the Odd Future familia without actually joining them, Vince has the closest ties with Earl as can be heard through their chemistry on the lyrical manifesto “Hive.” The next chapter of his career comes in the shape of the sequel mixtape to his project. Led by the James Fauntleroy-assisted single "Nate," Shyne Coldchain II showcases his maturity as an artist and as an individual. We caught up with Vince at the Bay 7 Recording Studios in North Hollywood and talked about his latest project, his relationship with Def Jam, the probability of him and Earl doing a collaboration album, the city of Los Angeles and some more.

By: Staff / Hypetrak TV / April 10, 2014 / 5121 Views
  • signinjuhurd

    get a better mic

  • Wood Chips

    Latest album was great.
    People don't know shit

  • Ben Famous

    Catch me ridin round the city with the seatback.

  • Matt H

    I love this dude. He's not the best lyricist out there and doesnt always have the best beats but the songs he makes just give me a good vibe that stick with me. thats where other rappers go wrong

  • Blotter Acid