Future featuring Kanye West – I Won

Future's sophomore project, Honest, is set to hit shelves in two weeks, and in order to tease the project the rapper has released his Kanye West feature, "I Won." The artwork, which depicts a trophy as pictured above, stirred some buzz when it was revealed a few hours ago, and now the four-minute song is available for streaming in full. Produced by Metro Boomin, both Future and Kanye use the track as a dedication to their respective significant others, with Kanye also making a mention to the rest of the Kardashian clan in his verse. Peep below and head here to pre-order the album.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Hip hop / April 8, 2014 / 14377 Views
  • Jabjal

    I expect great things from the comments section

  • curious

    future always sound like he laying down in bed when he talk

  • blah

    future the type of nigga to go in mcdonalds and whisper his order and get mad when it come out wrong

  • SADD

    Future always trying to fucking sing yo

  • David Nava

    Kings Of Auto-Tune ! Damn this is great

  • http://kuroi-ko.tumblr.com/ dougieman98

    Won what? Shittiest name award? Shittiest flow award?

  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    Super model wifes dumbass

  • Well….

    He was about to take a nap. Then he woke up.

  • MHWB

    *a Bugatti

  • Whut

    Future got more baby mommas than albums. Ciara a damn fool

  • Just me, but..

    man when i first heard of future i thought that dude was straight retarded. Now i'm thinking he low key a smart ass businessman

  • Just me, but..

    Future be sounding like he got a cold.

  • Wow

    Not much futuristic bout this guy ..

  • Chris

    damn this did not meet expectations

  • Seriously

    I love cheescake...its good at night...before you go to sleep - Future

  • Cold chain

    this nigga got that morning voice all damn day

  • Nah

    Future had a throat cold since 2010.

  • NO

    Future is letting Ciara turn him into a bitch.

  • Okay?

    Future's a nice dude...

    but he remind me of IceJJfish, except Future gotta auto-tuner.

  • hzwe

    nicely done kanye.

  • Real

    future > dj unk

  • Sick

    Future looks like that one African mask hanging in your grandmothers living room.

  • So what

    I fuck with Future cuz of his dope ass choruses. Other than that he's horrible at rapping.

  • But why?

    Future is so humble, and that nigga ALWAYS makes good hooks

  • Ha!

    Future that nigga man been a fan since day 1 can't wait for the album to come out

  • http://www.about.me/KNZO KNZO

    word. his verse was laughable in a bad way. this instrumental is so dope too. it sucks to see future waste a verse.

  • No way

    why future talk better than he rap... .. make me wanna do something with my life

  • Chill

    This nigga regular voice sound like it got auto tune

  • Honest

    I honestly thought alot of his music was trash.... but the hustler always get over for a while... the hit "same damn time" was his hardest joint. Those club bangers do it every time....

  • Understatement

    It's spelled Future, but it's pronounced froochur.

  • hahahashit

    future sounds like a sick nigga who likes to sing when he is midway thru an orgasm

  • NoNewFriends

    Future be talking to dolphins with that voice.

  • Towel

    lmao Dead at all these comments.

  • Oochie

    Kanye head deep in the Kardashian familys ass he forgot his self, might as well be Kanye Kardashian

  • JanBezouska

    Hypetrak should start doing best comments of the week. This discussion proves that...

  • shit

    wow i dont like kanye west's raps anymore... ive grown out of you my friend... useem needy for attention... damn ye, damn ill visit just to see how youre doing here and there but youre actually really annoying dude

  • UglyFrank

    Got that Massive Attack/Lana Del Rey sound

  • patt

    you won lmao

  • Marvin Chardonnay

    you all came here from complex and highsnobiety or what

  • Milo

    Future just doesn't seem to be able yo stop moaning on his songs

  • Marcus Cedric Bethely

    this song would be great is there was half the amount of future

  • (.__.” }

    Future the type of nigga to be mad at other niggas for singing.

  • MikeyBrock

    Weird, my grandmother is irish

  • Christian Fraser

    hows this fag sitting at 2nd most popular post.... shits rattling / generic

  • Chris Epps

    these niggas are singing to eachother...

  • 0888000

    this player is the worst, stop using it

  • leatherlaces

    This song needed Drake..

  • Galkalay

    You chat so much shit

  • Valentine416

    So what happens to this simp ass track when both couples inevitably split up?