Future featuring Kanye West – I Won

With his Kanye West-featuring single "I Won" currently getting spins on radio airways, Future now comes through the visual compliment for the track. Taking it to the beach, the two artists hit the sand in the Hype Williams-directed video, and of course we get a few lovely ladies flaunting their stuff in bikinis. The track will appear on Future's upcoming album, Honest, set to release on April 22.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / April 18, 2014 / 5738 Views
  • maikel

    oh god, my ears. this is horrible imo

  • guest

    dope! this the theme song right now B

  • General Maccarthur

    why niggas go to the beach and not swim?

  • David Nava

    man why u hater motherfucker ha ? go hate to you girlfriend stupid

  • Bey



    remember when Kanye used to put worthy niggas on? now, it's Chief Keef and Future and shit.

    beat on point, though. Hype fell off.

  • Valentine416

    They "out-softed" Drake on this one

  • MarvelAlexander

    Hype Williams? wheres the speed boats?

  • 3 bracelets

    Kanye was so stiff lmaao he's like "my wife is going to kill me"

  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    This song title is quite contradicting

  • Chris Bosh

    This is so awkward. Kanye fake beach everything. Hype who?

  • dim

    This nigga is singing like Vibz Kartel. Sorry bt i don't see nothing original or artistic.

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    cos most black people can't swim.

  • General Maccarthur
  • guest

    haha they definitely took an L for this one

  • I am who I am

    I'm sure Kanye works with whoever he wants to work with. Not who MRGABE deems worthy.


    i see that ass is getting fatter and i know its because
    of me.

  • http://www.foruseinmoderation.com/ wolf_mccloud

    i said MOST not all lol.

  • magga

    drip drip drip, pee on u