Future featuring Andre 3000 – Benz Friends (Watchutola)

For your listening pleasure, one of the most anticipated tracks in Future's recorded career is now available to check out. "Benz Friends (Watchutola)" is the collaboration with Andre 3000 off his sophomore album Honest, and features a mash-up of different generations from Atlanta's Dungeon Family unit. Even if you're not a fan of Future, the cut is worth checking out for 3 Stacks' verse alone. After all these years, Andre is still one of the most nimble and talented of his craft, and even Future tries to emulate his acrobatic flow. Listen below as Andre 3000 and Future wax poetic about the trappings of materialism and the things they don't care for much. And, after a few listens, there's a good chance the hooks in this song will be stuck in your head.

By: Patrick Montes / Hip hop / April 17, 2014 / 7405 Views
  • MHWB

    I dont like to come on here with plain hate, but Im getting tired of artists selling their records through features.

    I can understand the appeal, but got'damn. Do some work.

  • Ben Gallagher

    problem there is, future doesn't really have a choice.......

  • hahayesh

    fuck future.... but ANDRE 3000, my my that was excellent

  • thomas

    this is unreal. productions great too

  • chiraqqq

    I like this

  • butt

    wow, future im suprised. these guys are family eh?

  • Marvin Chardonnay

    listen Honest trought some stream and then you can write something like that.

  • Classic Magic

    Andre lives on!!! nice with it

  • Samesame

    The hook makes me think about fuckin problems...

  • Black

    *Standing Ovation Clapping* Organized Noize and Andre 3000 did it again!!!

  • Mockfello

    Andre 3000 ft. future?


    future got that df flow. i can see it now. u young niggas dont know about df. go get even in darkness.

  • MHWB


  • chris

    i dont get how people can see future's name on the track and immediately hate. If you think about it, one of Kanye wests most emotional and creative album was completely autotuned, autotune doesn't discredit you as an artist. Future uses autotune in a unique way and he's creating an entirely new lane in music

  • lion1886

    DOPE AF.