Forbes Releases Annual List of “Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists”

Every year Forbes publishes a piece breaking down who is at the financial peak of hip-hop's food chain, and in the May 5 issue of their magazine they will be publishing this year's list. This year, the top-five list of wealthiest hip-hop artists known as the "Forbes Five" includes Diddy ($700 million), Dr. Dre ($550 million), Jay Z ($500 million), Birdman ($160 million) and 50 Cent at number five ($140 million). Each fortune is "estimated," and Forbes calculates each rapper's wealth using the same standards they use for calculating the wealth of the world's billionaires. They examine "past earnings," the value of "current holdings," "financial documents," and speak to "analysts, attorneys, managers, other industry players, and even some of the moguls themselves." You can check out the article here.