Floyd Mayweather Shares A Video Snippet of Lil Wayne & Drake In The Studio

It appears Carter V season is upon us. The promotional push for Tha Carter V has produced a pretty interesting combination of star power and social media over the last few days. Two days ago, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant shared artwork related to the forthcoming album via his Twitter, and today Boxing great Floyd Mayweather let loose a video of Lil Wayne and Drake working together in the studio on Instagram. Since pushing it back from May 5 no official release date for the album has yet been confirmed, but based off this current trend, we're expecting it to be announced in a pretty special way.


By: Eric Montanez / Behind The Scenes / April 30, 2014 / 2015 Views
  • Troy Monroe

    What Sample is that, I've caught Rikki Blu and Isaih Rashad on that one.

  • dan

    Dudes gone throw their necks out

  • lol

    They move like pidgeons

  • David Nava


  • guess……t

    cant. un. see

  • Sarah

    I am SO fucking happy they reconciled their beef and are teaming up on another track together! I fucking LOVE Lil Wayne despite not being a huge YM fan! I love them both and I HOPE Lil Wayne's next album is a CLASSIC like his earlier work!!! Before he went mainstream. He annouced that this was his LAST ALBUM EVER so it better be fucking DOPE. AHHHH LovE IT

  • who the fuck is sarah

    fuck you sarah seriously fuck you

  • Sarah

    sarah is a really cool awesome boss bitch who you will never have the pleasure of meeting. I didnt even say anything bad so STFU.