Drake – Days In The East

One day after sharing "Draft Day," Drake is back at it again and continues to treat his followers with new music. Compared to the previous track, Drizzy slows things down “Days in the East,” which was co-produced by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Noah “40″ Shebib. The song has been premiered live on stage during his highly successful “Would You Look a Tour?” European tour. Tune in below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / April 3, 2014 / 13990 Views
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  • Eylboh Espoir

    No please!

  • http://mrlutheriddler.tumblr.com Mr Lu the Riddler
  • Lil Bitch Nigga

    Drizzy season biiiitch!!! Like it or not!!

  • brian

    maybe if drake spoke about topics like the problems toronto faces with a widening income gap and fucked up mayor i'd take him seriously. u know. like most mainstream rappers at one point actually spoke up about things that matter even in the environment that they came from. new york rappers talking about the problems nyc has. gangbanging in the west. southern rappers talk stories about trap houses and how drugs have crippled their community. idk what the fuck drizzy believes in.


    he's a globally known artist yet he does shit for his community other than "rep" it.

  • Deek

    Nigga please ...

  • brian

    i'm sure you speak for everyone whom do not exactly share my sentiments. do you have a counter opinion you'd like to articulate? maybe "YMCMB all day"? or "drizzy season biiiitch!!! like it or not!!"?

  • Jay

    Brian, I agree with you partly but who's to say Drake has to be that "type" of artist. That's why Music Entertainment and Art is thriving today because no fan, politician or businessman can make the decision on what "Art" should say or look like. Its ultimately the artist decision. So let it be.....

  • jakebostock98

    just shut your fucking yapper baud

  • nrm

    artists should be able to express themselves freely. why do they have to talk about what YOU want them to talk about? toronto is doing great so is canada.
    did you just criticized him for "talking about everything besides himself", then criticiz him for being self absorbed (in the same sentence) ?
    dont know what nas or outkast have to do with anything

  • http://twitter.com/chrissanders ChrisSanders

    Late night on the road shit. Similar to Connect.
    The repetition is actually dope.

  • Diego

    Drake is an entertainer. That's it. That's all. He'd have no credibility to talk about politics and what not.

    Let's say drake does talk about these issues in his music. Would his target market appreciate it? Would it make money?

    We can go about talking talk about other people positioning them as spokes people, when in reality, they can only rhyme words, feel music, and make music.

    If you're so passionate about your cause then why don't you spread the word? Do you have a counter argument, or "opinion", you'd like to express and ventilate about?

    Enjoy the music. If you don't enjoy it then ignore it and move on.

  • ODB
  • hmmm

    First of all ma nigga, it's Aubrey. Second, dawg... do you understand what entertainment means? This shit is not the news, it's not some social-commentary documentary, it's purely entertainment. It's suppose to help remove you from the various issues we face daily, that's the point of it. Now, if an artist choses to use their form of art as a vehicle for such social/economic issues, that's their prerogative, there's absolutely no reason to chide someone for not doing that. Do you know anything about the origin of music? It was used to tell stories, not all stories have any deeper meaning beyond keeping the listener entertained. See what I'm driving at here? There's a cesspool of artists discussing the subjects you're talking about, if that interests you so much, why don't you seek them out instead of attempting to make an illogical argument about someone you don't know shit about and regarding a subject you're clearly unaware of.

    If you really feel change needs to occur in Toronto, how about you hop on something else beyond hypetrak and try to do some good rather spill out some shit no one really gives two fucks about.

    Also, i'm pretty sure he's got some staying power. I wouldn't be too worried about that. Now listen to the tune and enjoy it.


    True but some people are too ignorant to understand that shit.

  • M

    "his formula has no backbone"


  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    Kanye all day. Fuck this actor

  • Deon

    That widening income gap is happening everywhere. Not just in Toronto. How many mainstream rappers are actually discussing the politics of it? The last thing Drake needs to discuss is Rob Ford. He's received enough media attention for his own antics. Why bother discussing his views on someone who has been talked about at length already? What would Drake add or say that hasn't been said already by the Toronto media?

    Was Crazy Town, all the Toronto Star stories, the crack video, the international media attention and Jimmy Kimmel not enough dialogue for you? Do you REALLY need to hear how Drake feels about the mayor of a city he no longer lives in? Does he really need to talk about a guy who won't be relevant past this Octobers municipal election?

    I almost liken Drake's social commentary on Rob Ford to Ja Rule being asked about his take on 9/11 on MTV's TRL.

    What significance does it have? What impact will it create? What merit does it have when he doesn't live in the city and isn't that deeply involved in municipal politics of the city of Toronto? Would anyone take it credibly? Would his comments cost him his position with MLSE and the Toronto Raptors?

    You're obviously thinking from a very narrow perspective about some social commentary YOU want because expression of emotional experience doesn't quite do it for you. Not every artist needs to have a "George Bush doesn't care about black people" moment.

    and if you're looking for Drake to talk about what's going on in the city look no further than what he said in reference to the Scarborough bbq gang shooting from last sumer on Enough Said and No Guns Allowed.

  • nas

    Times change, get with the program.

  • no

    Actually it should be "who" in that context, guy trying to look smart.

  • Jabjal

    Ya'll really crucified this Brian character

  • RTK

    ya'll need to chill and just listen to the song.

  • DamnSon

    I hate people who spam on tracks but trust me this album is worth your time


  • naw

    that 'skit' at the middle of it is bad

  • butthat’scuzhisnameisdrake

    ridin round my city, plastic cup of henney

  • skateboard_B.U.

    when Kendrick drop his new ish this nigga career is going to be over

  • Houston Roush


  • Com_Truise


  • Com_Truise

    lol.... Drake has no responsibility whatsoever to talk about the issues you named. I don't know how you came up with that shit.

  • Com_Truise

    Brian fake based

  • john
  • Sarah

    Actually Drake did do a song about stopping gun violence in Toronto. Have you not heard it yet? It's called "No Guns Allowed" featuring Snoop Lion. Ironically though, he seems to think that rapping about "catching a body like that" isn't contradicting himself. Whatever though, it is what it is.

    It's true though - in the 90's artists were more political with their rap music. But that was at a time when their music wasn't recognized and when many rappers came from the trap or came from ghettos. Drizzy is from the richest neighborhood in Toronto. Whether or not he actually had that much money (since he claims he lived in a basement apartment) he was still well off and had food on the table and some Degrassi money to get him the CD's and Air Jordans he wanted... sure he didn't have even a fraction of the money he has now, but he definitely wasn't struggling to feed himself. Many rappers rap about issues that are more personal to them... from what we know Drake doesn't have much of a struggle to talk about. HOWEVER.... I wouldn't pick on him for not being political because the new commercial rap is ALL like this... and there are so many bands out there and artists who rap about only love. Love IS a commonplace theme in music and it has been since the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.... and I see nothing wrong with it. It's actually very rare in hip hop for artists to rap about the love in their lives and their feelings regarding it so I think that is really setting Drake apart from his competitors... also he wants to make money so there's that factor as well. Music has become more business-focused these days. And in all honestly, our generation is so much more money-focused than ever. Acquiring success and fame is something that has become a fixation for many youth, mainly because there is more access and funding to education which has given people more hope of a better future. Not to mention - social media has given people more access to one another on a global scale, which has led to people getting more recognition. Now all these skanks are becoming "Insta-famous" and people like Riff RAFF are getting their music recognized on Youtube.

  • Sarah

    I love this song and all, but please Drake.... grow some balls and don't be such a fool to write a song like this about Rihanna when you've only been dating for less than a month. You're going to look like fool when Chris Brown wants her back and she leaves you for him. Not my problem though, you should have learned the first time.

  • Sarah

    I agree with this... Hypetrak is not the place for political progression within the MUSIC industry. And though I do appreciate artists trying to reach political issues to others through their music, it is also an escape from those issues as well. Nicely said.

  • Sarah

    Seriously.... I am from Toronto... who the FUCK would ever bring Rob Ford up in their music? In anything they do for that matter.... He is a joke and we as the city of Toronto are sooo embarrassed that he has gotten this much exposure for doing what he has done. He's a joke and he will be booted out when the election term is up. No one will want to remember him anymore and he will forever go down in history as the most fucked up mayor in existence. I am GLAD Drake doesn't rap about him, that would be such a bad carreer move for Drake. Besides, Drake did make fun of Rob Ford on SNL.... if that counts??

  • nate

    well said