Chilly Gonzales Analyzes The Composition of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Hailed as a musical genius and artistic influencer, Canadian artist Chilly Gonzales is known for his career as a musician in the '90s, but in recent years he's worked with the likes of Peaches, Daft Punk and Drake. Having teamed up with Drizzy's on the Jhené Aiko feature track, "From Time," Gonzales takes to the piano once more, but this time to sit with 1LIVE and discuss the composition of a different Nothing Was The Same highlight: "Hold On, We're Going Home." Noting that the track houses a distinctly '80s sound, Gonzales shares his thoughts on the musical theory behind the track, assessing each individual layer and the concept of syncopation.

I grew up in the '80s, and I really love the references in that song that make me think of that great decade of pop music ... [but] what makes this a pop masterpiece if it's really just referring to the '80s? I would argue that there's one rhythmic detail that makes it unmistakably modern, and that is: syncopation.

Watch his deconstruction of "Nothing Was The Same" above and share your thoughts below.