Beyoncé – Standing On The Sun

It's been almost 12 months when we first heard a snippet of Beyoncé's “Standing On the Sun” as part of her 2013 H&M summer campaign. It is only right to receive the full version of the soothing tune the same week Queen Bey is gracing the cover TIME Magazine's Most Influential People in the World” list. Listen below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Soul/R&B / April 26, 2014 / 4821 Views
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  • suburban nigger


  • amazin

    This is amazing

  • Kimm Ryland

    my Aunty Sienna recently got a year old
    Jaguar only from working off a home computer... Recommended Reading F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

  • kanye west

    her vocal ability is like she's "flying above everyone and taking a shit"

  • NoNewFriends

    Reminds me of donkey kong