Yung Lean – Emails

As the Sad Boy crew continues to gain steam, leader Yung Lean has just released his latest visual offering, this time for his single "Emails." Relaxing in dark room accompanied by mannequins, liquor and laptops, the Stockholm-born emcee speaks on flexing his drug collection, pearl necklaces, 600 unread emails and plenty more. Check out the track and the video up above, and for those looking to grab the tune for the libraries, you can get it by downloading his Unknown Death 2002 mixtape, here.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / March 15, 2014 / 5202 Views
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  • bib

    is this guy a joke? (serious question)

  • MrLogix

    damn, this made me emotional.

  • yeawahtevr

    fuck yung lean and anybody that love him

  • Sex

    Yung lean fucks your mom while ur in school did u know dat

  • biznard

    this fool is 14. wtf

  • Meh

    Yung lean is getting boring now tbh

  • Yung Shard

    he's 17 you goon

  • Guts Kun


  • 3 bracelets

    His flow sucks but this beat is dope

  • (.__.” }

    Please Base God, don't make this kid famous there are enough "Yungs" out there already. We have enough "Lils" as it is.

  • DD

    it's more about the visuals not the person

  • Charlotte Rx

    so much virgins

  • HypeHoe

    So too all rappers, rap like this and you get on Hypetrak, this is what they consider swag or dope. Make sure to get a video treatment.

  • kanye west


  • mayy

    did he say pokemon lotions? wtf

  • biznard

    I was being facetious

  • asdfa

    thats not how you use facetious

  • brohan

    This track is old, dummy.

  • Bitches Luhdakid

    He looks like Rudy

  • Baba Biscuit

    i heard Yung Lean got his gooch licked by ur mom did u know that

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    I'm hoping that was because I tornado kicked your face with some onions and not because of this sub-par song.

  • Com_Truise


  • yeawahtevr

    aw gee willikers no way! take that back.. #sadboys

  • The Based God

    I approve.

  • Medsharif25

    How'd u catch feelings for another dude...

  • Deebo23

    white boys favorite right here...


    Where the fuck is Heems

  • kuzaki
  • skateboard_B.U.

    I just wanna hate on this nigga because his name is "Yung Lean" Wack... pass the mic

  • Introvert

    Look what Asap Rocky started

  • nutmeg


  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic



    c'mon HYPETRAK... this shit WAS funny. maintain some quality standard PLLZZZZZZ