SZA – Babylon

TDE keeps the ball moving following the success of ScHoolboy Q's release of Oxymoron, and now powerhouse label is gearing its focus on one of its other newest signees, SZA. The talented songstress released a brand new video for her single "Babylon" today, and showing off some of her directing skills, offers up an interesting visual accompaniment to the track. Letting good ol' mother nature take front and center, we see the her submerge herself in a lake as she sings of crucifixion. The song will appear on her debut album Z, which will hit shelves on April 8.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / March 8, 2014 / 3184 Views
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  • Davey Allen

    She is so sexy

  • Rudi

    to who? she is not least she can sing.

  • Lennox

    More people need to be exposed to her. She's dope.

  • kanye west


  • Davey Allen


  • dvn

    how u go in tht dirty ass water

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    boring? nigga, you make me wanna tornado kick your head off. you ain't got the answers.

  • ogstatus

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  • mhm

    this the prettiest suicide ive seen...wouldve been better w/o the essential-like shots though

  • real nigga

    I mean she's got the right vibes, the hair, the sexy "allure" look... without the actual necessity of being pretty. wish she looked more like erykah or lauryn

  • Rudi

    I don't know how I can be a "nigga" if i'm white....nigga!

  • Davey Allen

    anybody can be a nigga... bitch nigger

  • notjg

    Song is great, video compliments it well. TDE is doing all the right things.

  • Robert Neems

    You racist piece of shit. You think using the word in the context which you did makes you exempt of being called a racist. Absolutely not. This exemplifies the problem with many white hip hop fans these days who feel entitled to speak the same vernacular as blacks, though never experiencing the brutal "black american experience." You're not us, just enjoy the music pussy, but don't disrespect the race or the culture.

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic