Skrillex featuring Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Coast Is Clear

Chance The Rapper continues to rack in star-studded appearances, as his latest feature sees him joining forces with EDM producer Skrillex. Skrillex previous previewed the track while out on tour, and now we get the full audio to enjoy of their collaborative track "Coast Is Clear." While the track may start mellow, the energy spikes up quickly as the Chicago rapper asks his female listeners a few simple questions. The song is feature on his Skrillex's Recess project, which was revealed earlier today via his "Alien App," and is available for pre-order here.

By: Richard Brooks / Electronic / March 11, 2014 / 9553 Views
  • Dev

    This was a phenomenal collaboration. Skrillex is actually dope as a producer.

  • Kedar Patel

    is he?

  • Dan


  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    Yes he is. Can you not read? I don't remember using my Swagtastic Buddha Foot to kick your brain out your head. I mean the comment is typed and posted...right up ain't going no where.

  • takomborerwa


  • Me

    Chance is going to be a legend for the simple fact he can collaborate with different kind of artist is like lil Wayne and Skrillex. Not many rappers or artists can do that and still make it sound good.

  • Pratt Nebulous

    Honestly, man. I'm an artist, and Chance is dope on so many levels to me. He's like a rapping Frank Ocean. He can do whatever the fuck he wants, and make it the dopest dope u evr smoked.

  • mrtycoon


  • guest

    i bet you're such an artist

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic