New Michael Jackson LP ‘Xscape’ Arriving in May

Nearly five years after his passing, Michael Jackson has another full LP release on the horizon. Scheduled for a May 13 drop, Xscape will combine vocal material finished by Jackson before his death  with contemporary production curated by Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid. Reid, who was granted complete access to Jackson's musical archives, has enlisted the likes of Timbaland, Stargate, Rodney Jerkins, John McClain, and Jerome Harmon to handle production duties. The release hopes to merge the progressive sounds of modern pop production with Jackson's classic vocal abilities.

Pre-orders for Xscape will begin April 1 on iTunes and will be available at retailers May 13.

By: Patrick Montes / News / March 31, 2014 / 3576 Views
  • maikel

    i really wish they would let hem rest in peace BUT i do want me some new MJ

  • Marcus

    Cool. So, it's a EP by producers who used MJ's vocal sample.

  • john

    Sooooo what do u want exactly?

  • Aficionado

    Woah, good call-out man. Can't let people get away with things like conundrums.

  • Black

    Maybe he didn't want to rest in peace. Maybe he had a lot of extra work made for a reason. I personally know several people with hidden projects that they don't want released til they pass. Maybe MJ was another one of them....we don't know.

  • yeah

    yeah it's probably like with the j dilla foundation, I'm glad ma dukes is letting them release all his music even after his death

  • Samjam

    "The release hopes to merge the progressive sounds of modern pop production with Jackson's classic vocal abilities." .... i mean really? do we really want to hear sounds of modern pop? i want to hear MJ and not some kind of electronic trance trash pop..

  • chiraqqq

    as Chicago would say it. TREATED!

  • maikel

    Hold up..could this just be a sick april fools joke?

  • Guest

    I'd rather see they just release the vocals.

  • Guest

    The album sounds great guys!!! Just wait for it!

  • Monae

    I dont want a new Michael Jackson . I want thaa old Michael Jackson

  • funk

    shouldve got pharrell on the beats

  • sorry

    To be honest - I think it's going to suck dick.

  • (.__.” }

    The cover looks like some Kid Cudi/Lady Gaga type shit.

  • ImStillBaked

    The poor guy will be flipping in his grave if it is anything like that Timbaland one that surfaced the other month..... just let him be! He was a creative genius - he would have never allow such tracks to be released.