Nardwuar vs. ScHoolboy Q

Nardwuar paid a visit to this year's SXSW and while out in Austin, Texas, of course he had to link up with a few artists for his classic in depth interview series. First up is TDE's ScHoolboy Q, and the two discuss gangsta rap, Q's high school football days, his distaste for local fish spot Fishland and plenty of more gems. Check out the interview up above and be sure to go pick up Oxymoron if you haven't yet by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Interviews / March 19, 2014 / 2874 Views
  • cw

    Oh, man, that nigga's falling over at the beginning of the interview, damn lol

  • Fat Trel

    "and the two discuss" get rid of that 'to' dawg

  • cw

    "...But do you smoke weed?" DEAD

  • Towel

    Scoobie Q huh

  • Dane

    whats up with these annoying ads???

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    On a real note,

    I have had family members die in a crash.

    I had 4 of my family die in 1 crash on the way to family vacation where we were all waiting because of a drunk driver.

    Was I praising the killer or saying the victims were in the wrong? To think that just because I have a funny name and some black man doing karate as my picture doesn't make me any less of a human than you are.

    Comedy is said to be the cover for ones sympathy or sadness.

  • hkkk23

    get the fuck out of here my nigga. what are you even saying.