Music Essentials: ScHoolboy Q

From appearing in hoverboard commercials earlier today to releasing his chart-topping project Oxymoron just last week, ScHoolboy Q is undeniably one of hip-hop's most talented forces, but the personality that accompanies the roll of rap perfection does so without compromising on humility, and that is definitely evident from the TDE rapper's music essentials. With a formula for success that is built on a balance between leisure and work, Q's essentials range from everything from the expected -- such as his grinder and two selections of weed -- to the unexpected, such as the importance of honey and tea in his daily doings. Showing off where he's from and who he is now with his personalized bucket hat by Milkcrate Athletics, we see everything from daily essentials such as Carmex and Ambisol to his Beats by Dre headphones, which are apparently more important than his debit card.

Photo Credit: Theonepointeight/HYPETRAK

By: Staff / Essentials / March 5, 2014 / 23809 Views
  • ImStillBaked

    He's not going to get far without a lighter.... i mean we are talking about 'essentials'

  • Hugo

    I guess this is the funniest essentials I've seen in a while

  • Andrew Sutton

    He can ignite it with his straight fire raps.

  • Benny Nails

    £10 his baby's mum is in the cracked phone

  • topkek

    andrew why are you such a lame?

  • K E R M I T

    Where's the lean?

  • JamDelVamp

    nigga FINALLY got himself a grinder, but no lighter

  • wolf_mccloud


  • wolf_mccloud

    pretty much the most essential 'essentials' post i've seen so far. people be out here listing platinum plaques n shit like they carry them around on road smh.

  • chance

    cuz his bitch break down my weed sometimes

  • Howle

    Congratulations sir you have just won the Internet

  • YOLA

    Too good haha

  • real nigga

    just about to say yo this is by far the best "music essentials" y'all have done. this niggas smart, because my personal bias agrees just as much as my objective pov does. tea? honey? goldfish the JAR of weed??? niggas don't know about ball jars!!! not to mention i got eczema too man shit schoolboy q might've just jumped to number 1 most relatable rapper for me

  • Eric Boss

    Rule #1. Never give anyone your lighter.

  • breakerbreaker19

    If you think about it, why would he need a lighter? Everyone around him got one... "Bet he got some weed"


    He quit

  • BK

    tazo all about this

    Mariage Frères - Maison de Thé à Paris

  • God’s Son

    Yeah, if Q get the Shit Q need no lighter.

  • AkoniTheGreat

    This is actually funny