Lil B Shares Kevin Durant Diss Track

It appears Lil B still has the crosshairs on the NBA's leading scorer Kevin Durant, calling the three-time scoring champion out yet again on this new audio/visual aptly titled "Fxck KD." If you recall, the two had a little pow-wow a few months ago, when Durant called the rapper "wack," to which Lil B responded that Durant would "NEVER WIN THE TITLE". However, the Based God forgives and publicly lifted his curse last June. Soon, though, the two men were taking shots at each other on Twitter again. And as it seems right now, Lil B still has a heavy heart about the whole situation, dedicating not only this video to KD, but also taking the opportunity to announce his new mixtape in which he's calling Hoop Life. Stay tuned.

By: Staff / Music Videos / March 8, 2014 / 6774 Views
  • DemonSamaJr .

    Alright Lil B….

  • Robert

    I really hope Kevin Durant gets a percentage of the revenue for this



  • Cristobal Chumaceiro


  • [email protected]

    smarty pants ahahahaha

  • queezie

    aint no revenue for this

  • This Video was

    Sponsored by LeBron James lol

  • me

    Lil b best in da rap game and the best in the court any day lil b



  • Jathan

    the ugliest shot ever! Lil b i would beat you one on one

  • maikel

    This nigga got bronze on his teeth cause can't get any gold lmao

  • RealDogTrueDog

    Such a shitty piece of music, if you can even call this music. Sounds like a teenager who just discovered he record his voice on his iPhone with a $2 beat.

  • YeahYouToo

    lol. "leave me alone"

  • Lil top

    thats a small ass tank top

  • ^^lildickhavinboy

    ^this bitch tryna look hard sayin "nigga" when all he ever got in his avi is lil boy anime characters lol fuck outta here

  • guest

    lil b's beats are fuckin fire

  • John

    Love Lil B, but KD would destroy him.

  • maikel

    oh you got me...if you want a good comeback go wipe it off of your moms face.

  • yeawahtevr

    heard that copy n past joke already. try again neggaa

  • AngeloMustEatAnimalAss


  • patti livernash

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  • Shimond Bradley

    Please tell me this is a joke? My daughter is 2 and can rap/sing better. Not to mention she the same height as this fool. KD is a man not a 7th grader so why take shots at a dude that's NOT EVEN A RAPPER. N by the way Jay-Z doesn't love u back

  • FlagrantlyFlagrant

    KD was right when he said you whack. & save yourself the embarrassment because you know that KD will own you on the court. The fuck outta here with your ignorant ass.

  • maikel

    Good for you, do you want a medal?

  • fuckdot

    that hook is catchy though. haha but KD would merc this nigga in 21 quite obviously.

  • who is this guy

  • it's a joke

  • sungnation

    this might be the worst song ever

  • Mitchye Kennedy

    Lil B killed this track watchout KD! - Lil B

  • TheRealOhhhFuhh

    Thank You Lil B. Too much wisdom for a day. The based god is back. TYSMBG

  • Guts Kun

    You not grown if you get mad at Lil B

  • Com_Truise

    "tiny pants tiny shirt"
    - lil b

  • Com_Truise

    I wanna see that game of 21 first!

  • Lolz


  • TopBananas

    Double wackness but Lil B knows how to stay relevant like the best of them. Puff and 50 Cent better watch out hahahaha. Also KD has better bars than him so this is hella laughable even though Lil B is trolling.

  • True

    the instrumental is from a DJ Khaled song called "Brown Paper Bag"

  • Dubb

    lil b gotta nasty 6 foot ump shot/runner

  • Bsant

    kill yourself