KiD CuDi Visits the Chelsea Lately Show

Not known much for doing press, KiD CuDi made a rare appearance at Chelsea Lately last night but was in for bit of a surprise when he was met not by Chelsea Handler, but Gabby Sidibe, best known for her role as Precious. They spoke about his music for the past 15 years and of course, his inspiration for his latest effort SATELLITE FLIGHT: The Journey to Mother Moon. Press play above.

By: Staff / Music / March 5, 2014 / 3782 Views
  • @iam_alxndre

    what just happened to my eyes :o

  • dvn

    did she really ask him about day and night? lol wow

  • Milo

    His Teeth.... just too white.... it hurts

  • keke

    Only in the USA they would have such a fat bitch as a talkshow host lol

  • so awkward.

  • whoa

    Damn she breathing heavy as hell. all bad. lose some of that.

  • real nigga

    " well some of them, just have their heads so far up their own ass y'know? HUAHAUHAUAHAUHAUAHUAHAUAHUAHAUHAUHA"
    I fucking hate this nigga

    and also why the fuk is precious' unable-to-lean-diagonally-on-the-chair-cause-im-round bitch ass doin on the show i just wanted to see chelsea lately say something mean to kid cudi

  • Jae

    She really said if Cleveland a real place?! smh piggy.

  • NotIgnorant
  • nathannn.

    cudi is in a good place man!

  • IV

    You are just a internet thug. Keep your "dangerous fingers" to yourself

  • guest


  • guest

    what a stupid fucking comment

  • guest

    how the fuck is this album number 1 on itunes. that shit dont even mean anything anymore. whatever drops is number 1 on itunes. who the fuck is paying money to listen to kid cudi hum.

  • Mark Cuban

    You don’t need to have full-blown celiac disease to have adverse reactions to gluten.

  • kidmescud

    Kill yourself, please.