KiD CuDi featuring Skylar Grey – Hero

A few months back we spotted KiD CuDi in the trailer for Need For Speed, and with the film set to hit theaters this Friday, Cudder's teasing what to come with the release of "Hero" - a track from the movie featuring Skylar Grey. Produced by CuDi alongside Dot Da Genius, the somber but hypnotic beat kicks off with Cudder, with Skylar Grey stepping in around the 2:00 mark. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Hip hop / March 12, 2014 / 3611 Views
  • Elohino da Vinci

    This is a really good song.

  • locidni

    Cudi is fucking kill it at the moment

  • guest

    the part where it says '5 hours ago' should really read '5 years ago'

  • locidni

    5 years ago he had only dropped 1 mixtape, your saying the best work hes done was before any of his albums? idiot

  • guest

    yeah i am... A Kid Named Cudi was hands down his best work ever. idiot

  • Carmichael

    If Cudder can constantly put out this type of music then I'm stoked.

  • Nick • Eyebone

    You children old enough to have heard "Switchin Lanes"? That would've been bomb for this movie.

  • jamba

    you're the idiot.