Future featuring Nicki Minaj – Rockstar (Preview)

Future and Nicki Minaj have linked up on a new project and it is titled "Rockstar." During a private listening party hosted by Future, the rapper revealed the tracks that are set to be featured on his sophomore album Honest, including "I Won" featuring Kanye West and "Rockstar" with Minaj. Captured by attendees and given the OK from Future to leak, a clip of "Rockstar" has now been revealed on Instagram. Get your 15 seconds below and keep an eye out for Honest to drop April 22.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Hip hop / March 26, 2014 / 1798 Views
  • lord quas

    bruh they all know this song is garbage ! for real what is wrong in this world everything in this room looks unminded

  • MarvelAlexander

    all i heard was "How Imma Come On It" pretty much all i needed to hear

  • General Macarthur

    Ciara going be mad

  • kanye west

    he diff smashed that bitch he's talking to.

  • Menarch

    you havn't even heard the whole song, stop trying to reach

  • lord quas

    guess what the song is about bitches and money with a wack hype flow pretending trendy things cuz now it's cool to be a fashion addict in rap. we all know what is the song