Chance The Rapper featuring James Blake – Save Yourself First (Original Collaboration)

We're big fans of James Blake and Chance The Rapper's original collaborative track from 2013, "Life Round Here," granting it a 3rd place spot on our list of Top 10 songs from last year, but it turns out that the duo had an original version of their collaboration in mind and it was titled "Save Yourself First." Revealed today via Chance the Rapper's Twitter account, "Save Yourself First" maintains a similar vibe to the developed and officially released "Life Around Here" track, but Chance notes on the SoundCloud caption that "James never liked this verse" which is perhaps why it didn't make the cut.

this was the og idea for me and james' first collaboration … - @chancetherapper

Stream "Save Yourself First" below and scroll further to check out "Life Round Here" again, and share your thoughts on the original and official versions below.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Hip hop / March 19, 2014 / 5363 Views
  • anonymouse

    boring.. ruining the original..

  • God

    The Chance Picture and Jay Z Picture to it's right are eerily placed and similiar.

  • chance???theRapper?!?!?!??!!!!

    what u talking bout chance killed it

  • Purple Drank

    this is the musical equivalent of vomit

  • OtherGod

    There can only be one...

  • James James

    Dumb muthafvkcerz be hating on chance the rapperz singing*
    thats like if i was matt the singer, am i not allowed 2 rap? fvkz datt sheeeyt* damn... just pathetic

  • get off that boy dick

    that dont make it a good song dumbass, get off that boy dick

  • Young Hot Dog Loving Nigga

    I love hot dogs