Listen to Two Songs From A$AP Rocky’s Upcoming Instrumental Album

After his Divergent collaboration with Gesaffelstein has appeared online, A$AP Rocky has an "art video" for "Riot Rave" featuring Baauer. The clip marks the first video in support of his upcoming instrumental album Beauty N the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions Chapter 1. As the disclaimer indicates, the clip features "real life rioting that spread throughout all five boroughs of the city," and as you can see above, Flacko seems to be pretty good at it.

UPDATE: You can now also stream another song off of Beauty N the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions Chapter 1, called “Unicorn,” and it's quite an ambient affair.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Music Videos / March 4, 2014 / 15015 Views
  • TopBananas

    damn and I was finna flip that Tame Impala record.

  • David A. Jimenez


  • Beast

    Dope. °O° Chillin with this

  • what?

    *cringe* this shit corny as fuck

  • nipthahustla

    turn down for what?

  • Rup

    When Asap Rocky first came out it was like a breath of fresh air. He really created his own lane in rap music with his chopped and screwed trippy sounds. I love LiveLoveA$ap and the A$AP Mob mixtape but ever since he dropped Long Live A$AP the album, his music has been wack. These instrumental videos are also very cheesy.

  • dvn


  • Urk

    this sucked so much

  • dirtydick3000

    I fuck with Unicorn first song is ehhhh

  • sadsa2

    >tfw asap is trying to be edgy

  • $pot

    This shit sucks rofl

  • yadseut


  • YeahYouToo

    No thanks

  • DamnSon

    he's trying too hard or something idk

  • general macarthur

    trying to be MF Doom/Madlib/Madvillan

  • Asaptryingtoohard

    Just knocked over some trash. Shit got real!!!!!

  • YeaISaidit!

    LMAAAOOOO this nigga buns

  • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • Birch

    Unicorn wasn't half bad.

  • d

    corny ass nigga

  • Mr Lu the Riddler

    Not his best, I've heard worse though. Art is art I guess, opinions come with it.

  • Eric Boss

    damn you guys are brutal on here haha. I'm just happy he's doing something more than rapping.

  • wtf?udumbdamn

    you fuckin stupid? so from long live till now its been wack..AKA TWO fucking songs (not including features); R.Cali from GTA V which is FIRE and distress..lmao ok bro w/e the fuck u say..lets say hes "been wack" based off 2 songs..cant believe i wasted my typing on your ass

  • real nigga

    this is why spaceghostpurrp shoulda taken his spot. not that he would've been THAT much better, at least he would be able to produce his own shit, freestyle, and be an original interpreter of his own dreams and influences.

  • True

    Everybody is where they are for a reason. Ghost is talented, but if he had any type of mainstream appeal or could rap about anything else besides bitches and lean then maybe he would have a more successful career. Can't blame Rocky for what Ghost has or hasn't done

  • True

    Watched the whole first video waiting for the beat to drop. Second instrumental was dope tho

  • Rup

    Damn bro your cholesterol must be high because you looking kinda salty... Love Live A$AP had 16 songs and only two songs out of the sixteen were nice... That album was weak compared to his previous work and the songs he has been dropping since then are weak as hell to. Instead of being that chopped and screwed trippy jiggy dude we all liked, he turned into this wannabe fashion head with weak tracks. I'm not saying Rocky is wack, I'm just saying his work as of late has been mediocre.

  • Lord_FAFA
  • isaac

    that first video is tumblr in a nutshell

  • Rox

    why did he pretty much just slow down Tame Impala's Mind Mischief and add heavier drums. Like he took the whole song. Wouldn't that just be a remix and not an original track?

  • Rox

    Feels Like We Only Go Backwards*

  • DJ Stank Daddy

    Shut the fuck up


    Thats WAY to fast for a stoner like me -.-

  • Com_Truise

    No it wasn't but then again it is a slowed down version of Tame Impala's Feel like we only go Backwards.

  • Com_Truise

    He's trying too damn hard! And I think he is too high over his head with his "movement" "revolutionary" "revolt" shit. The video is so cringe-worthy.

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  • Dev

    yes like being a skinny nigga
    or his fashion
    or "lesbians"

  • okay

    did flacko just went vaporwave??? fuckin with the artwork too! (first beat was lazy af though)

  • Songdealer

    Want this in 320kbp/s?

  • wtf?udumbdamn

    "raf simons, rick owens usually what I'm dressed in.." from peso, off live love asap? ...yea he just turned into this "wannabe fashion head" as if he hadnt been about fashion since day 1. damn u stupid and stfu with that salty shit lol u sound whiter than wonderbread.. tween-ass cornball i swear

  • salty0110

    I'm fucking with this shit!

  • DeeShaw10

    im late asf but this comment got over dead asf!