Yeezus Tour Film Coming Soon to Theaters, Watch The Trailer

After dropping some hints of a possible Yeezus movie in the works, it appears things are in motion and on a grander scale than originally expected. News comes courtesy of Kanye West's official website, as new video trailer has been released along with an excerpt that states "Yeezus Film Directed by Hype Williams Coming to Theaters." No further details are available, but you can watch the full trailer above courtesy of FreeOnSmash.

By: Davis Huynh / Trailers / February 27, 2014 / 10004 Views
  • Joo Joo Beans

    i got all excited then realized i already seen this shit on seth myers

  • maikel

    so its a 90 min videoclip?

  • Face


  • Patrick Anniskette

    Damn. I SERIOUSLY hope it's a theatrical film I'm gonna be pissed if it's a stupid tour video.

  • Marcus

    Fuck that video player tho.

  • UglyFrank

    I am hype for this collab with Hype

  • lol

    i want to be a tour video, that show was fucking amazing the BEST concert experience i will ever have in my life

  • TopBananas

    I want a Glow In The Dark tour video!!!


    This muthafucka can write, "Happy Kanye wast day the film" on a piece of paper and hypebeast would consider it a movie.

  • Soul Melodic

    New Music! "Malt Liqour" marks the first single off of Soul Melodic's forthcoming EP, Lost:Ephesians….#SoulMelodic #repost

  • pretentious we

    This foo 'Ye loves horses.

  • Now You Talkin’ Crazy