Watch Lorde Cover James Blake

It is pretty much common knowledge by now that Lorde had a pretty big 2013 and is likely to keep on rising on the musical horizon in 2014. Case in point? Just have a look at her covering James Blake’s “Retrograde” onstage. The New Zealand native performed the song live-in-studio during a visit to the Australian radio station Triple J. And yes, it's some kind of greatness.

By: Staff / Live / February 7, 2014 / 6573 Views
  • Oki

    Yo, where Gepetto at? Arms like cobras.

  • Marcus

    This gave me chills.

  • Rickmasta

    I have nothing against her, but damn does she look weird. lol But awesome song to cover.


    HYPETRAK you sound like little fan girls!

  • cum


  • Sally McIntosh Light

    crap cover. she sounds like she's singing into a fan whilst gargling milkshake
    p.s i like her other stuff but james blame is just so so much better

  • maikel

    give it 1 year and she'll be in rehab

  • swagadoodle

    hate this self righteous bitch, she basically shit on hip hop music in that royals song and we still gave her mad radio play

  • Ben Sterne

    she is probably a nice person

  • Drroc

    I love that she shit on 'hip hop' music! :)

  • They say real recognize real

    I've always said...if you are gonna cover James Blake, you are going to have to do an artist like him justice. This is cool cover and all, but it totally misses the mark for me.

  • yeawahtevr

    why did you put the smiley face, you passive aggressive bitch

  • Jabjal

    This wasn't good

  • Bacon

    I hate you so much

  • Rob

    that was the Lorde's spirit creeping into your soul.

  • Vibe

    This was MAGIC.. and if anyone wants to hate on her then that's your loss. And she moves her hands a lot to keep in sync with the music/beat... Lorde = A New Form Of Music... get with it folks

  • Mockfello

    let her vibe to the music ...

  • dajseun


  • Gar Wilso


  • brohan

    LOL, yeah... groundbreaking stuff.

    FYI, Royals was on Billboard's 'adult contemporary' charts last week.

  • chiraqqq

    niggas are witty as fuck ahaha

  • fillof

    Give it 1 year and you will be in the same place behind the same computer doing nothing.

  • Mockfello

    lol salt

  • Vibe

    Just because Billboard put her in specific category means NOTHING. She is changing music and the way people look at it. ITS DIFFERENT which why she is so appealing.

  • maikel

    i guess you're still mad i didnt pay your mom last night?