Watch Kanye West’s “Never Let Me Down” Studio Session

This Monday, Kanye West's The College Dropout celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it looks like the legacy of Ye's debut album still lives on, as a new behind-the-scenes video of Kanye's studio session has surfaced. Captured by Coodie Simmons and accompanied by Pharrell, the footage shows a look at the making of "Never Let Me Down," and captures P's pure excitement for Kanye's verse at the 2:40 mark. Watch above and head here to check out our The College Dropout tribute playlist.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Behind The Scenes / February 14, 2014 / 6562 Views
  • Suburban Nigger


  • James Stringer

    Looks like his jaw was still healing

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  • gen mac

    blow pop

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  • kanye west

    pharrell spazzed, that real love.

  • ChrisSanders

    This song was a historic moment man. During Hip-Hop's modern zenith.

  • Sean Howell

    Give it 5 more years of grind.

  • gfchv bn

    ok i really dig kanye, but it's so obvious that he's got some lobby on hypetrak.. every 2nd day there is a post about him..

  • Johnny Amichetti

    You're on the Camp Lo - Luchini type flow though.

  • SmithAgentSmith

    wait for it ....

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